Magical Monster High School Drama! is an ongoing production in its first season. The series takes place in a magical high school for mages, that also takes kami, yokai and monsters as students.

Season One Edit

No. Episode name Air date
0(pilot) Transfer Students to the School! 01/05/2017
Quentin transfers to the School and meets Akio, Zeroeth and Sir Dank. Promethia meets Zeroeth in dragon form, not realising the beast and Quentin's fellow student are one and the same, and attacks her. Akio reveals to Promethia that he is a drug mule for the Yakuza on his plane, and sells the goddess his entire haul of cocaine. Promethia overdoses, Quentin is sent to hospital, and Akio finds the wand that allows Quentin's transformation. He accidentally uses it, and beheads a leonin student before being captured by the Disciplinary Committee. The DC implants a restraining device in Akio's flesh and send him on his way.
1 Fox Tails and Field Trips, Part 1 04/05/2017
The party meets Sashi and Quentin agrees to take her, Zeroeth and Akio "shopping" on his plane. Akio exchanges the money he received from Promethia for gold bullion; while Promethia turns Zero into a mouse to prevent the dragon from shoplifting. Zero tries to kill the goddess in retaliation, revealing herself as a dragon on a plane currently at war with dragons. Despite the futuristic safeguards against draconic entities, the entire party manages to reconcile and escape without casualties.
2 Fox Tails and Field Trips, Part 2 05/05/2017
The next day, Akio goes to his plane to pay his boss in the gold, accompanied by Quentin, Sashi and Zero. The latter of whom is entranced by the gold that she can smell on Akio. In this dreamlike state, the dragon tries to take the gold for herself and is killed by Akio's Yakuza. This is not the end of Zero, however, as Sashi persuades Promethia to revive her.
3 Dragon's Fall and DC Fun 08/05/2017
After Zero goes to sleep back on the school plane, Sashi teleports inside the dragon's room and punches her on the nose. The kitsune blinks out before Zero can see who woke her, and the dragon goes on a rampage to try and find her assailent. Because of this rampant

destruction of school property and endangerment of student lives, Zeroeth is also fitted with a restraining device in the form of a collar that inhibits the size of her true form on the school plane. Meanwhile, Akio joins the DC; Quentin transforms into Rowan, a combination of him and Promethia; and the party meet Dimitri, a friendly vampire.

4 Dungeon Dimensions and Lolita Tensions 09/05/2017
Rowan, Zeroeth and Akio get themselves sent to detention, which is its

own dungeon-like plane. There, they free an entity that they name "Darkness-Sama", who can only exist in shadow, by placing it within Akio's body. Darkness-Sama helps them escape detention, then Rowan and Akio find their maid dead, and meet the culprit: Akio's lolita stalker, Cami. Akio eventually persuades Rowan not to kill Cami, then she moves into Akio's old room.

5 Goops Live on the Moon! 11/05/2017
After this, Rowan, Akio, Zero and Sir Dank journey to a moon inhabited

by sentient slimes to recover a magic spear for the Treasure Hunting Society, but some of the slimes almost eat them so they decide to go back later.

6 Secrets of the Wand, Part 1 12/05/2017
Then Quentin persuades Illack, a member of the DC, as well as Zero,

Sashi and Sir Dank to accompany him on a delve into the Wand of Promethia, in order to "fix" the wand, which should be more powerful. Inside the wand are the souls of every person to have ever weilded the wand, trapped and used to keep an eldritch abomination, one of two Twins, contained within the item, as well as Promethia, guardian of that abomination. It is also revealed that there are two wands, both holding a single Twin.

7 Secrets of the Wand, Part 2 15/05/2017
Sashi manages to free one of the souls within the wand, Ophelia, by exchanging her for the soul of an angel within a golden sword belonging to Zero. Quentin, Sashi and Illack meet Selene, a spirit who revels in killing dragons; Zero accidentally kills the spirit Tamlin, who provides Promethia with flight; and the party eventually manage to complete the quest they delved for by healing another spirit. Also

within the wand are other delvers trapped within the wand, one of whom, Nyarlathotep, is extremely powerful and has been attempting to free the Twin for thousands of years. Akio and then Zeroeth hear his voice and he severely injures Zeroeth and Quentin, but both escape with the help of Sashi and Illack.

8 New Felt Top Gives Zero Shit 16/05/2017
Back on the school plane, Quentin and Zeroeth are revived. Akio performs a DC quest, badly, and Sashi gets to know the spirit Ophelia, now within the sword of Aria. Then, Quentin invites Zeroeth to his plane and thence to an isolated mini plane, where he proceeds to kill the dragon and prepare to eat her. Luckily for her, Sashi with Ophelia came along for the ride and the kitsune cuts off Quentin's hand and takes the wand of Promethia. It turns out Quentin is possessed by Nyarlathotep. Sashi resurrects Zeroeth, becomes Promethia, and exorcises Nyarlathotep. Quentin then has to deal with losing a hand.
9 Filler Me to the Moon 18/05/2017
Zero, Sashi and Sir Dank, with Illack, return to the moon of slimes and

find a room full of gold, and the magic spear that they were meant to recover. Unfortunately this object is guarded by animated suits of armour that almost kill them. They escape with the spear, but manage to bring its guardians with them.

10 The Worst Kind of People 22/05/2017
11 The Taming of the Wyrm 23/05/2017
12 So This Is How It Feels 25/05/2017
13 Depression and Digression 26/05/2017
14 Where Dat Zomboi At? 01/06/2017
15 Pidgeons in a Fox Hole, Part 1 02/06/2017
16 Pidgeons in a Fox Hole, Part 2 05/06/2017
- (OVA) The Sadistic Skull Bangers 13/06/2017
In this short episode, Rowan visits Akio's plane to look for the ninja, helped by Yoshida, Lenny and Kenny, and accompanied by Dimitri and Susan. They fail, but manage to crash a biker gang and kill nine people.

Season TwoEdit

No. Season no. Episode name Air date
17 1 This is Interplanar Cable, Reporting a Disappearance 29/09/2017
QRP double books Zero, everyone watches Interplanar Cable, Rowan takes on five missing person cases, Rowan bullies Mots and takes him to a strip club, then Rowan, Mots and Dimitri investigate Samantha Howel’s disappearance.
18 2 With a Friend Like This; Who Needs Enemies 12/10/2017
Akio returns, pretends to be a ghost, and dicks off Quentin so hard he leaves. Also Mots, Zero and Akio explore the Culture Festival, and Mots goops Akio.
19 3 The Colour Violet 01/11/2017
Violet arrives, has some flashbacks, and goes to the apartment. Mots and Zero explore more of the culture festival, then Zero tries to speak to Quentin and talks to Violet(as maid) instead.
20 4 Do Angels Dream of Exploding Kaiju? 08/11/2017
Everyone gets a pet, Kiereniel is introduced, and DC tryouts happen. Mots dragon sprays Zero, then Kiera destroys the stadium. Akio meets Violet, who had been on the sofa this whole time, and they go together to do golem quest.
21 5 Mind Games Are Fun! 15/11/2017
The party accidentally travels to Clarence’s ship, Violet begins playing with Kiereneil, and everyone enters the golem plane, except Violet who recruits the angels to kill Zero.
22 6 Avant La Tempête 22/11/2017
Everyone explores the dwarven ruins, encountering the corrupted; Violet prepares to go back to the plane herself, recruiting Boris; Akio is corrupted; Kiera traps Zero underground; and Violet, then the angels, arrive on the plane.
23 7 One Minute to Midnight 29/11/2017
Kiera and Violet actually work towards retrieving the golem power source, briefly waylaid by Violet learning a little about Kiera’s home plane and sending him more fake messages of his father telling him to kill Zero. The golem is activated, Akio merges with it, and three members of the party manage to come together.
24 8 Kentucky Fried Tentacles 17/01/2018
they actually encounter Raphael, Kiereniel gets cut in half, explosions, and they leave the plane, after Violet tries to kill everyone.
25 9 Recovery and Resurrection 24/01/2018
Zero and Violet(as Quentin) talk, Kiera and Mots arrange the angel’s recovery, Violet sets up an interplanar arms dealership with the loot from the dwarf plane, and Akio returns. An immediately decides to prank everyone.
26 10 What a Load of Shit 07/02/2018
There is an explosion of fluids from every orifice of almost every A population student. Also Akio actually acts like a ninja for a once, Felix leaves, Mots enlists Boris’s help to begin building a spaceship, and the party quests to a new plane.