Romanised Draconic English Translation Summary of Circumstances
Zeroeth Morithraax Vengeance for the Five Royal Brothers The name, and quest, she donned upon the death of her clutch brothers. She intends to take vengeance by killing Azrael, who killed her siblings.
Volrath Mori-rakellest She Who Burns the Wings of Angels A combination of two earlier names, "Morikellest" - Slayer of Angels; and "Volrath Rakellest" - She of the Fiery Wings. The former being a recognition of her prowess, the latter a poetic euphamism for the method she favoured.
Su'um Puerakellest And Who Tames Them for Her Own This refers to Kiereniel, who currently owes a life debt to Zeroeth.
Azarakylix V'raros-triol-v'rar Daughter of Blood from the Sky A declaration of her noble lineage, from the elder Azarakylix, who was noted for killing both a large number of angels and other dragons, "such that it seemed blood rained from the sky".
Seralyx The Dayflyer The very first unique title she earned, given as a nickname by her clutchmates for her rigid sleeping schedule and more than usual enjoyment of sunlight.
Tzaryn Ehylus Puer Tyrant Over Ten Thousand Men Refers to the city she oversees, which has a modest population that hovers around ten thousand souls.
Aspyrior Subjugator A broad title that specifically refers to her dominence over all dragons with territories bordering on her, excluding her mother.
Sanghis V'rara Blood of Fury An early title that refers to Zeroeth and her mother's shared short tempers.
Spirath Voltæghis Breath of the Firestorm Also a callback to another of her mother's titles, who as the eldest and most powerful fire dragon in the land is considered similar to a force of nature, like a firestorm.
Mortu'kalis; Ascentyralis She Who has Died; And Who has Risen A title she has taken on after dying and being resurrected multiple times during the show. Although her resurrection was not of her doing, the fact that she did in fact return remains, and is impressive in the abstract.


Known powers and abilities

History before the show